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IPMA, located at 2200 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, DC, are integrative clinicians and staff who are dedicated to the customization of healthcare – with medical decisions, practices, and products being tailored to the individual patient.

IPMA relies heavily on laboratory diagnostic testing to determine the unique nutritional, toxicological, metabolic, immune, allergic, endocrine (hormones), neurotransmitter, infectious and genetic status of each patient, which then allows the clinicians to select appropriate and optimal therapies for each individual.

While the older, descriptive, diagnostic medical categories are still maintained, the Precision Medicine practitioners go far beyond such labels. With their extensive expertise, including Functional Medicine and Genomics, the clinical team is able to search for and treat underlying root factors which cause or greatly exacerbate all chronic medical or psychiatric disorders.

Caring for the “Untreatable” Patient

* Have you ever been told that your medical or psychological problems can’t be treated?
. . . Or that all options for you or your loved ones have been exhausted?

* How could this conclusion be made if your/their hundreds of genetic vulnerabilities have not been assessed?

* How is a problem untreatable if infections like Lyme or candida, or toxins like lead, aluminum or mercury, or nutritional deficiencies, have not been ruled out?

Welcome to the world of Precision Medicine, where we never tell patients that their problems are hopeless.  We deliver personalized care to the limits possible utilizing today’s cutting edge technologies.

Genetic, biochemical and psychological expression can always be improved.  We simply need to work at finding the unique answers for each individual.


What is Precision Medicine?


From world-class medical journals…..

“The terms precision, personalized, and individualized medicine are often used interchangeably … We define precision medicine as treatments targeted to the needs of individual patients on the basis of genetic, biomarker, phenotypic, or psychosocial characteristics that distinguish a given patient from other patients with similar clinical presentations.”

Jameson JL, Longo DL. (2015) Precision medicine–personalized, problematic, and promising. New England Journal of Medicine, Jun 4;372(23):2229-2234.


From the Highest reaches of government…….


“Doctors have always recognized that every patient is unique, and doctors have always tried to tailor their treatments as best they can to individuals. You can match a blood transfusion to a blood type — that was an important discovery. What if matching a cancer cure to our genetic code was just as easy, just as standard? What if figuring out the right dose of medicine was as simple as taking our temperature?”

— President Barack Obama, January 30, 2015

The White House, Office of the Press Secretary (July 8, 2015), FACT SHEET: New Patient-Focused Commitments to Advance the President’s Precision Medicine Initiative


From the National Institutes of Health….

“Far too many diseases do not have a proven means of prevention or effective treatments. We must gain better insights into the biology of these diseases to make a difference for the millions of Americans who suffer from them. Precision medicine is an emerging approach for disease treatment and prevention that takes into account individual variability in genes, environment, and lifestyle for each person.”


From our largest and most-respected universities….

The emerging field of precision medicine aims to harness the vast advances in technology, genetics and biomedical research to better understand the roots of disease and to transform heath care so that prevention, diagnosis and treatment are precisely tailored to individuals, to develop targeted therapies, and to improve care to patients worldwide.

University of California at San Francisco Steps Forward to Lead Advances in Precision Medicine –



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