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Watch the “Music Video” Overview of the recent conference held in Shanghai, China, March 3-5, 2017.
Dr Charles Gant was a featured speaker at the event.
Almost 200 health care practitioners attended the successful event.

Special Announcement – February 15, 2017

The Academy of Functional Medicine and Genomics (under the auspices of the International Academy of Precision Medicine, Inc (IAPM), is launching their 3rd program and the most in-depth Functional Medicine and Genomics program in the industry.

A Chinese company was so impressed with Dr Charles Gant and the programs he offers through the Academy, that they are licensing the educational program and have invited him (along with 2 Academy Advisory Board Members) to China to help launch the new one year program starting in Shanghai, China, March 3-4-5, 2017. The 3 speakers will offer over 14 hours of valuable information at the conference.

The 1st International Conference for the Implementation of Functional Medicine and Genomics in Clinical Practice

Watch Dr Charles Gant’s introduction below:


Watch Dr Richard Lord’s Introduction below:


Watch Dr Shalesh Kaushal’s Introduction below:


New course outline posted here:

International Training for the Implementation of Functional Medicine and Genomics in Clinical Practice



Genomics Program

Dr Charles Gant is pleased to announce a postgraduate level, webinar series on genomics. As you probably know genomics will utterly transform medicine and be a unifying integrative factor, since herbal remedies, energetic treatments, supplements, drugs, psychospiritual interventions, diet, lifestyle, toxicities and immune challenges all change epigenetic expression.

Those found to have certain common, important and modifiable (with above interventions) single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) can benefit greatly from genomic analysis and treatment, which is the basis of the postgraduate IAPM course.

Come learn functional medicine again from the genomics angle as we present real life cases and measure the success of our genomic interventions through functional medicine.

Let’s enhance our insight by witnessing the metabolome’s and microbiome’s astonishing connections to the genome, and vice versa.

Because of all the hard work we’ve devoted to learning and practicing functional medicine, extending our knowledge and skills into the genomics arena is like picking low hanging fruit, a harvest of powerful insights which is unfortunately not unavailable to our conventional medicine colleagues who are not schooled in metabolomics and microbiomics.

Consequently, the president’s Precision Medicine Initiative is promoted as a futuristic mission, awaiting a golden age when supercomputers will sort out all this complex data and make sense of it.

Of course, we all look forward to learning about that data someday.

But we know that Precision Medicine and Genomics is an idea whose time has come, directly applicable to our routine evaluations on the patients we see today.

The course will partly follow the just released text book “SNPBit Compendium I” which can be purchased on Amazon or here:
Use the code Masters for a 10% discount.

As with the undergraduate courses which used the textbook “Laboratory Evaluations in Integrative and Functional Medicine“, the course will embellished with extra reading material, clinical insights and studies, knowledge which is exploding on virtually a daily basis.

The course will be similar to previous IAPM trainings of 3 or 4 webinars a month with discussion and case presentation, with each of the 6 topic areas listed below: (minimum of twelve, 1.5 hour webinars starting in March).

Course Outline

1) The Genomics of Phase I and Phase II detoxification, focusing especially on drug detoxification and regulation with supplements and herbs. Cytochrome P450 enzymes, glutathione, acetylation, taurine, sulfate, glycine and glucuronidation conjugation will be discussed in depth.

2) The Genomics of Methylation, focusing especially on mental disorders, cancer (cytosine methylation) and heart disease, as well as its phase II detoxification role.

3) The Genomics of Neurotransmitter and hormonal synthesis, receptor function and metabolism.

4) The Genomics of Mitochondrial DNA​ (mitochondria have a completely distinct set of chromosomes).

5) The Genomics of specialized genes unrelated to the above topics (e.g., FUT1, PON1 etc.).

6) Integrating genomic approaches to complex clinical cases.

This program is planned to start March 2nd, 2016 at 8pm Eastern (all sessions will be recorded) The series is open to anyone.

NOTE: Take advantage of a special offer and signup for the Academy Membership program to have access to the above series >>>