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Depression Treatment

Natural Drug-Free Alternative Treatments For
Depression, Anxiety, Insomnia and Mental Illness

Depression is generally recognized as a collage of symptoms which include feelings of helplessness and hopelessness, loss of interest in daily activities, appetite or weight changes, sleep problems, anger and irritability, loss of energy and fatigue, self-loathing, and reckless behavior.

Actually, the symptoms we label as Depression are the natural response of the body and brain to biochemical imbalances which have been well defined, easily tested and insurance re-imbursable causes.

Those causes are:

  • metabolic, such as low blood sugar
  • immune, such as hidden food allergies
  • infectious, such as Lyme or candida infections
  • toxic, such as heavy metals like lead or mercury
  • nutritional, such as B vitamin or essential fatty acid deficiencies
  • genetic, such as methylation defects


Why cover up the symptoms when the root causes can be found and treated?


Overview of  Depression and Mood Treatments

  • Personalized, Professional, Comprehensive, Confidential
  • Find the biochemical and genetic cause of your mood disorder instead of covering it up with medication, drugs or alcohol
  • Free genomic testing of detox and methylation pathways as well as others
  • Insurance covered (even Medicaid) laboratory tests of metabolism, immune system, gastrointestinal function, amino acids, candida, Lyme disease and co-infections, toxic metals and many other functional medicine tests to get to root causes of stress
  • IV amino acid treatments to replenish neurotransmitters naturally
  • Extensive gene testing available of all 20,000 genes (entire exome testing) – test for your addiction genes
  • Correlation of personalized genomic data to your metabolism to get the answers
  • Precision Medicine can find solutions buried in our genes and metabolism

“Far too many diseases do not have a proven means of prevention or effective treatments. We must gain better insights into the biology of these diseases to make a difference for the millions of Americans who suffer from them. Precision medicine is an emerging approach for disease treatment and prevention that takes into account individual variability in genes, environment, and lifestyle for each person.”