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Phone Consultations


Dr. Charles Gant, MD, PhD, is dedicated to the mission of promoting the education and availability of Precision Medicine worldwide. To that end, he offers Consultations by Phone (and Skype), which are sponsored by the Academy of Functional Medicine and Genomics and the International Academy of Precision Medicine.

The focus of these Phone Consultations is:

  1. To educate the patient and their healthcare practitioner regarding how to apply advanced understandings of functional wellness, biochemistry, immunology, toxicology, metabolism, hormones and neurotransmitters, genomics and the impact of stressors and lifestyle issues on wellness;
  1.  To develop an effective Treatment Plan to address the unique root causes of a patient’s disorders.

For Patients

Dr. Gant’s goal is to assist you in attaining and maintaining your greatest expression of health by examining the factors that are unique to you. The information provided is confidential and strictly protected. Recommendations will focus on the unique biochemical, immunological, toxicological, metabolic, hormonal, neuropsychological, lifestyle and genomic issues, which can affect your level of wellness. Appropriate testing will be recommended and personalized suggestions for adjusting your lifestyle, diet, nutritional status, supplementation, and other suggestions will be reviewed.

A Consultation can be scheduled to review laboratory tests, and Dr. Gant will educate you about the meaning of any abnormalities (if any) and how corrections might be achieved. Suggestions about further testing of nutritional deficiencies (amino acids, minerals, vitamins), toxicities (heavy metals like lead and mercury), food sensitivities and other immune challenges, hormones (cortisol, progesterone, estrogen, testosterone) and neurotransmitter imbalances and many other metabolic imbalances, may be made, as these can have an impact on your wellness.

You will be educated about certain natural, over-the-counter, nutritional supplements and/or vitamin supplements which may target certain findings found on laboratory testing and possibly improve or optimize one’s genetic expression. Certain brands and places to purchase supplements may be suggested, and neither the Academy nor Dr. Gant receives economic consideration as a result of the sales of such supplements.

If you do not have a Doctor, or are seeking an independent second opinion:

All patients without a Doctor, or seeking a second opinion, will be required to first have an in person appointment with Dr. Gant, MD  at International Precision Medicine Associates (IPMA), after which he can offer you follow up Consultations by phone and provide you with your Treatment Plan. You will then have the full benefits of being a patient of Dr. Gant, MD, at IPMA.

If you have a Doctor:

These Consultations are offered to Patients as a 3-way conference call along with their Doctor, who must be present on the phone (or skype) call. A Treatment Plan is developed and is sent to the Physician.

These 3-way Consultations are not intended to take the place of a comprehensive medical evaluation and you are advised to discuss the suggestions provided with your primary care physician for review and approval before proceeding to put any suggestions into effect. Dr. Gant will not make a diagnosis, prescribe medication, order diagnostic studies for you or participate in any manner other than as an educational resource for you and your Doctor.

For Healthcare Practitioners

Dr. Gant welcomes the opportunity to support you in expanding the application of Precision Medicine, Functional Medicine, and Genomics in your practice.

Phone & Skype Consultations can be done with you alone, or as a 3-way conference with your patient on the call. Any Treatment Plan that is created for your patients will be sent to you.

Dr. Gant looks forward to assisting you in determining appropriate lab tests and their analysis, answering your questions, advising on the practical aspects of transitioning your practice into one that incorporates Precision Medicine, as well helping you design optimal treatment plans.

In addition to Phone Consultations for Healthcare Practitioners, Dr. Gant also offers mentoring programs for Practitioners at International Precision Medicine Associates in Washington, DC.

Lab Tests

Precision Medicine, Functional Medicine and Genomics uncovers the root causes of disorders through advanced laboratory testing. As part of the consultations, he will advise you on sources for appropriate testing.


Laboratory testing obtained through licensed healthcare providers is covered by most insurance plans. Some patients will choose to order it through a consumer-based organization like MyMedLab. Lab testing through is available in many areas of the country, and he can also advise you on alternative resources as part of phone consultations.

Here is a sample lab test (Plasma): NutrEval_Plasma-Sample-Report.pdf

Genetic Analysis

Genetic analysis is now widely available to test for important, modifiable, and common genetic quirks called SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphisms). Changing the genetic expression of an individual’s SNPs can have vast impacts on their health as they become aware of which ones they have and how to alter their expression. Genetic analysis enables the practitioner to “get to the bottom of things” and offer important personalized suggestions regarding elements of lifestyle, pharmaceutical reactions, and nutritional therapies, and more.

Here is information about Genetic Testing: Process-for-DNA-Analysis.pdf

(We offer analysis of raw data as well as other genetic tests)

Beyond Lab Testing

In some cases, a patient does not have access to lab tests, or orders their laboratory testing sequentially as their finances allow.  These patients and their health practitioners have indicated they receive great benefit even if the Consultation is based on personal health history information alone.

Schedule a Phone Consultation with Dr. Gant

Phone Consultations are charged at $600 per hour, with a 60 minute minimum. Beyond 60 minutes is charged in 15 minute intervals.

Payment is charged via credit card or PayPal at the time we schedule your Consultation.

48 hour cancellation notice required for refunds.

NOTE: Before ordering a Phone Consult, please contact us:


phone:  888-727-6910

(48 hour cancellation notice required)

Note: The 3-way Phone Consultations sponsored by the Academy of Functional Medicine and Genomics and the International Academy of Precision Medicine are not intended to be, or to take the place of, a medical evaluation, but are intended to be an educational resource only for both the patient and their Doctor. There will be no diagnoses made or prescriptions prescribed by the Academy sponsored clinician, and any treatment suggestions such as taking nutritional supplements, should be checked with the patient’s medical doctor first to determine if they are compatible with the patient’s medical situation.